Boss Expects Too Much!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about working two jobs:

I am currently working in a Restaurant for about two months now, give or take about a couple of weeks. I have never worked in a restaurant, so this work area is new to me. Take today for instance; our dishwasher didn’t work today, so I had to do the dishes. I had to remove the plates, cups, trays, etc. to the back to wash them. My boss says that I should stack them on top of one another and bring them in all at once. This is difficult for me because I can’t carry all the plates, so I make multiple trips. He says that is inefficient that I go back and forth so many times. Another time was when I was trying to work more than one table. He expects me to work fast, but I am still a beginner. I’m trying to work faster. I had a previous job and plan to go back next year, but I’m not sure what to do about the restaurant job. I had planned to work two jobs until the end of December. Should I quit now and just stay at my previous job or work the two jobs?

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