How Can I Avoid Being a Lame Duck Employee?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to
respond to being pushed out of a job. 

I work in a very small office, one attorney and two legal assistants, including myself. I worked under an attorney who recently retired, and am finishing up working on his cases with the other attorney. However, the case load is very light, leading me to have little to do at times. The remaining attorney is still taking on cases, and has many on his plate at the moment.

My issue is with the other legal assistant, who was working directly under the remaining attorney. When I was first hired, I was promised to learn several skills, including bookkeeping. However, throughout my time here, the other legal assistant has constantly shut me out of learning how to do many of the office manager-type duties, things that I was told I would be doing when I accepted the job.

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How Can I Deal with Coworkers Who Don’t Take Me Seriously?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about: How can I deal with coworkers who don’t take me seriously?

I’m working in a pharmacy with 12 staff. All of them are teenagers and locals but I’m a 32 year old immigrant who can’t speak English fluently. Since I started working there, the 19- year old dispensary manager, who does whatever she wants thanks to the lack of management skills in the owner/ pharmacist, was not friendly towards me. The examples are: she never initiated a conversation. Whenever I did, she was short and seems disinterested. She makes no any eye contact during a conversation; so, I stopped trying after a while. She used to roll her eyes when I talked to her (work related subjects) to which I told her I took offence. She has stopped that. Now she doesn’t even say good morning anymore. But I have to say that she is slightly friendly in front of the boss.

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Problem Co-worker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about difficult coworker:

Help, I have a coworker that will not talk to me and when she does it is with a full-blown attitude. This is how it started: We were friends and actually hung out from the day I started this job 5 years ago. In January, I got a promotion to Manager of the department and that when all the problems started. I am 30 and she is 37. From the pressure and amount of work, we couldn’t talk as much and she thought I was becoming a snob. I explained to her that it is because my team has a lot of work and I think she understood.

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