Older Ex-Manager Working For Younger One!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about under rookie supervisor:

I am 53, with years of management to my credit. Out of necessity, I have taken a job where I am a programmer under the supervision of a rookie supervisor. She is 28. In a few staff meetings and one-on-one meetings I have asked many questions (like what is my role, how is the department goal number figured, and the like). I always seem to ask too many questions or more than she is comfortable with. On her side, she does not appear to be to or want to control the direction of the meeting. She says she is just “too nice” to do so. I am blamed for “taking control of the meeting and etc.” I have no desire to take control, but it would be nice to get answers to questions. She said she feels guilty when she doesn’t have an answer for a question. I am not demanding but inquisitive.She has needed to give me correction in my work but bottled everything up for 4 months, brought her boss into a meeting with me and then launched into everything I’ve done wrong. To have corrections pointed out in 8 areas in one meeting was overwhelming for me (I have not been there 6 months). According to her my humor is disliked by her; she “gets the feeling” I am doing too many purchase agreements instead of support; I don’t trust her knowledge of the database even though I discuss my technical issues with her and only ask others with her permission. She has the ability to bring facts about my performance to the table but does not. She can tell if I do purchases orders too many times (I haven’t), but instead of looking at our documentation, she goes with feelings.

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