Accused Of Unethical Action!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hostile environment:

I am a manager who feels that my account director is actively pursuing a hostile work place strategy designed to force or eliminate managers from the account so as to replace them with lesser-paid supervisors. I have been on this account for 4 years, and in the last 3 we have had 99% employee retention. Eight months ago there was a change in the account director position. The new director came in identifying himself as a fire fighter. He comes to accounts to straighten them out. He also brought in his previous area operations manager from outside the company, not giving fair consideration to qualified internal candidates for this position.Since his arrival there have been 8 managers leave the account. Four were terminated or Reduction in Force, 3 quit on there own accord due to the feeling of being forced out (this is what I was told by them) and 1 is going through chemo currently. His position was posted at the lesser supervisor description 2 weeks after his FMLA protection expired. During this period the director and the area ops manager have been not communicated or have had limited communication with he site managers. They have never been to my site, and I have gone months without any interaction with either. Along with this, there have been routine announcements of organizational changes within the account.

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