Did The Employment Agency Deal Fairly With Me?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unfair hire:

I found out that the employment agency I got my job through told my employer how much I was getting paid when they converted me to a permanent employee. This caused me to get $3 hour less than 2 other girls that started at the same time with less experience and education because they simply came from a different agency. I found this out when a coworker recently opened some personal mail and told me how much money they were making.

When she was being investigated for this action, this all came out, and when I asked my supervisor about it, she said she was told to bring us over at the same rate we were making before. I feel that the employment agency was not acting in my best interest by disclosing what they were paying me. The agency was charging way over $30 an hour for me to work at that company as a temp. Do you think I have any recourse against the employment agency for not acting in my best interest? After two years that $3 an hour with overtime adds up.

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