Favoritism By The Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about favoritism by the boss

“My boss favors the golden boy manager. How do we (other managers and our staff)
deal with this and keep motivated?”

Our problem is about the difference between a boss and a leader. I am a manager of a Finance team and report directly to the Finance VP — along with four other managers. The problem is that the VP shows favoritism to one of the other managers and it is obvious to all other managers as well as our staff.

This favoritism ranges from giving extra support in meetings to securing financial and people resources, The ‘golden boy’ is on a pedestal (they also have a friendly relationship and have lunch together, call each other on weekends, etc).

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Some Get By- Others Get Reprimanded!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about fairness in reprimands:

I have a colleague at work, if required to follow company practice, then ignores procedure and then flaunts his actions. But if then a fellow employee takes similar action, he is reprimanded. This is unfair treatment.

Signed, Unfair?

Dear Unfair?:

Joe is told by his dad to mow the lawn on the weekend but instead plays soccer. Dad mows it and never says a word to Joe. Adam, brother to Joe, is assigned by his mother to take out the garbage once a week and forgets to do so. Dad grounds Adam for a week. Unfair? Right. Why does dad treat the brothers differently? There may be reasons. Dad may simply treat the sons differently because of an oversight, failure of his memory, or he may have Adam’s mother on his back about the garbage. Adam calls up his girlfriend and angrily tells her he is grounded and that his dad ignores Joe’s failure to mow the lawn. Adam pouts about the house and acts like life sucks!Bosses are not always consistent and they may favor one subordinate over another. Possibly the subordinate, who ignores a rule, is more efficient or pleasant and consequently the boss lets it pass, whereas another, who breaks a rule, has ignored other rules too and has a negative attitude.

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