How Should I Treat A Co-Worker Who Is Given Preferential Treatment?

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about relationships with a co-worker
who seems to be getting preferential treatment.


Should I stop talking to a coworker who is clearly given partiality on the work line by the line leader? I have been a good sport about this for a long time and it has not changed. I am now very resentful that I am given jobs that are difficult and she is exempt because of their friendship.

Without knowing any details of the situation it is difficult to give specific advice, but I can certainly give you something to consider: If your coworker is a friend of the line leader and you stop talking to the coworker, it is probable that the line leader will hear about it and will not view you favorably. Do you think that will help you get better jobs or even more difficult ones? Refusing to talk pleasantly to a coworker is never the solution to a work problem related to a supervisor.

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Manager Being Unfair and Asking For Complaints About Me

A workplace question: Should I go to HR about my manager,
who treats me in an unfair way and recently
asked a contractor
if she wanted to complain about me, in violations of the rules?



I work for a large company and recently we hired a new manager, Ed. Increasingly, I am noticing unfair treatment. Example: For 1-on-1 meetings, Ed asks me to arrive by 6am (none of my colleagues are at work at this hour). He asked me to send him a meeting request for a major project and then he did not reply. The latest example is that he brought to my attention that a person in my work area told him that they noticed a contractor crying and attributed it to me. He asked if I knew anything about it. I replied no. I asked for details but he said he had none.

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