My Mother Blames Me For Everything

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unhappy home life:

I want peace and harmony at home. But I don’t have. How to get rid of family problems. Should I leave home with wife & only son?

Signed, I Just Want Peace

DearĀ I Just Want Peace:

We provide advice about workplace problems and your situation seems like a very difficult problem related to your home life.I’ll share a few thoughts that might be useful, but I urge you to find a trusted adviser closer to your home to talk to about this, because there are many things to consider. For example, if you are the only financial support for your mother, you would not want to leave her completely alone. Or, if your wife and son would have no place to live unless you share a home, you may have to stay. But, if your mother and you could both live in separate homes, maybe you should at least talk to your mother about that. She is probably as unhappy as you are. I’m sure neither of you want your son to grow up in such an unhappy home.So, talk to other relatives or find someone in your worship group or even a trusted neighbor or friend, and ask for their thoughts about it.

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