Two Union Members in Conflict

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about harassment:

What is the protocol for the Union Steward when a union member complains about another union member, claiming harassment?

Signed, In the Middle

DearĀ In the Middle:

We aren’t experts about employee unions, but can tell you that generally when one union member complains about another, the local president and board members, or a local union committee, meets to look at the allegations. They can then decide if the matter is criminal or so severe as to require notification to management. That is usually not done unless the matter is quite serious. If it isn’t serious enough to refer to management, the union committee meets, hears statements and makes a decision to support one or the other and sanction one or the other.If the local union is affiliated with a national parent union, they are often contacted for advice, especially if the matter is complex or could result in a lawsuit against the union or problems with management.The steward serves the role of documenting as much as possible, stating that he or she does not have decision-making authority, and passing the information to the local leadership. I hope this is helpful. Best wishes to you!

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