Boss Seeks Personal Info

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unsupportive boss:

I am a 10 year employee of a Healthcare company and a staff nurse with a good record of performance. In my 25 years of nursing I have never encountered a supervisor who displays a lack of clear boundaries in her verbal communications…this had very negative consequences for me in terms of my job stress/ job security and I am not sure how I should best proceed. Here is the readers digest version.

On of my first encounters with her was a conversation about stray cats in her yard (at the time I was doing cat rescue work), which she was trying to find homes for….using her position of authority, I was manipulated into helping her capture the mother and 2 kittens, which I consequently took into my home and fostered until they were adopted. This was quite stress provoking to me and she never thanked me, not did she acknowledge my efforts in any way…her attitude seemed to me it was my job to do so.Several months later, I had to go on medical disability for a herniated disc in my neck; I was out of work for 5 months during which I had surgery to repair it.

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