Resignation Complications

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about “use it or lose it” pay earned if resigning:

I received an offer for a much better job, title, higher salary and environment. I submitted my resignation this afternoon at 2nd break. I proposed the resignation on 2/5 and effective 2/18. My weekly schedule is Sunday-Wednesday. The company has been laying off and demoting employees due to a merger. The handbook states: I must offer a formal 2 weeks notice in order to receive accrued PTO (about 56 hours). That unscheduled PTO requests made after resignation would result in termination and loss of PTO. There are no more specific rules. Floating holidays are lost regardless. It is my understanding that two week notice is a courtesy, not a requirement. They are taking advantage of a guideline and cheating me of a scheduled holiday with a rule they just made up. We have 3 months of PTO blackout days (Days we cannot be absent and must sometimes work without even regularly scheduled off days for extended periods) including 3/15-4/15, 6/1-6/15 and 11/1-12/31.

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