How To Get Better Lighting and Air?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about ventilation and lighting:

I work in an enclosed office setting without any windows or natural ventilation. The only windows that provide natural lighting are in the front of the office where our two supervisors are located. These windows do not open, they are merely for adornment. Our office is often referred to as a rat maze. The infrastructure is similar to that of a scientific experiment model.

My personal office is located in the interior of this model. I am a 46 year old, Italian woman in menopause; thus, I am naturally hot blooded and moody. The majority of my co-workers are cold blooded. In the winter, the average temperature set on the thermostat is 74 degrees. I haven’t worn sweaters in years (even before menopause). It is easier to put clothes on than to take clothes off. With energy at a premium rate, we should all abide by reducing the thermostat to help the earth and pocketbook.

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