Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about RN pay:

Hi I wanted to first thank you in advance for letting me ask this involved question. First I was an LPN who is paid a lower rate than a RN. After I went back to school and obtained my Degree as a RN I went to work for a hosp. who gave me half of my LPN years as a RN for pay. Wonderful . WE had a big raise last 2 yrs ago and I actually was given credit for all my LPN years!! So any ways, I am being promoted and they are not giving me a pay raise because they say I make too much money. I will tell you that my yearly performance is always A+++++! I am receiving my yearly increase 5% and feel they think this is suffice enough with no raise with the job promotion! What do you think???

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It’s Not Fair!!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay for RN:

I began at my present job approx 4 years ago,and with every one I was given a yearly raise. My hospital’s pay scale was not up to par(not even in the 75th percentile) with the other Hospitals in the area so the management said we have to fix this. So they gave all the nurses based on years experience a very hefty raise, I’m talking up to an 8$ an hour raise! I began my career as a LPN worked 18 years then went back to school and received my degree and became a RN. When I applied for the job, this hospital said we will give you 9 years credit as an LPN towards my RN pay. Half of my 18 years. And they did and have. I respected this Hospital because they recognized some of my hard working years as an LPN and compensated me. Those years were my basis of my nursing career.

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