Boss Lied To Me About A Hiring Decision

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about job openings: Don’t positions have to be posted internally giving existing employees an opportunity to apply?

I have worked in a group home for the Special Needs population for the past 7 months and have been pleading with the house manager, my boss, for more hours since I started in September of last year. I made repeated requests for more hours and expressed my willingness to take on additional responsibility and basically do whatever it takes to get from my measly 19 hours per week to 40. He raves about my professionalism, how good I am with the clients, etc. He continued to assure me, there would be more hours soon due to some staff transitions in the house. I came aware through some conversations with him that there would soon be a Chef type position for the house. The position was never posted and out of nowhere, he hired some random guy for the position. When I approached him about why the position was never posted and told him, I would have jumped at the chance to apply for the position, he lied and told me it was the owner of the group home that made the decision.

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