I’m Being Wrongfully Accused Of Lying

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of lying:

I’ve been working for a construction company as a site manager for 2 years. I have a project manager who is below my boss who is fabricating things about me at work to the director. He says I lie, even though I don’t. He says sub-contractors all hate me when I speak to them and I talk down to them, but I don’t do that either. I have asked them if they are unhappy with how I organise things on site and they say they are fine with it. Also other things are being fabricated, such as if I make an honest mistake it is overblown and the director finds out about it. My theory is that by telling the boss these things it makes the project manager look better and he uses it for his own gain.To describe the project manager: He is manipulative, acts as if he is your ally but is really your enemy and will talk behind your back any chance he gets. He always makes sure his tracks are covered or places the blame on me.

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