What is the Requirement for a Final Warning

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about warnings:

Can a written warning be given with a member of staff present who was also involved in same incident? (For example, the training assistant manager who was also supposedly given a written warning). Also, can this be done without any paper work or investigation done first, nor any previous warnings?

Signed, Feeling Jumped On

DearĀ Feeling Jumped On:

Any issue about internal disciplinary action has to be viewed on a case by case basis. However, generally there are no legal requirements about internal discipline. If you work for a union that has a contract, there may be requirement based on that, but it doesn’t sound as though that is the case. So, unfortunately, it appears that you will need to deal with the situation as it stands. I don’t know the situation you’re considering, but let me see if I can answer your questions in a general sense:

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