Warned About Being Sick With Doctor’s Note

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about warning for absences:

I have recently been given a verbal warning at my work place for missing 15 days in work so far this year. However, 12 of those 15 days, I had a doctor’s note to explain my absence. Is is right for my personnel manager to issue that verbal warning?The impression that I get from that is they do not believe the doctors notes.

Signed, Feeling Worse

DearĀ Feeling Worse:

Our focus is on workplace communications rather than HR issues. However, it does seem likely that you and your supervisor or manager are not communicating very well about your absences and the effect they are having on work. Employers expect employees to be at work, especially if they are getting paid during their absences. Even if the time is not paid, employers need staff to be present.

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