Watched Boss’s Child On A Business Trip

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being referred to as a baby sitter:

I am an Executive Assistant who recently went on a business trip with my boss who brought her child along on the trip. I agreed prior to going on the trip that I would watch her child as she went to the various conferences she needed to attend. It was a great trip for me, being I had never been to that specific city before. All my expenses were paid for by the company.

Upon returning from this week long trip, employees in the building (not affiliated with my company) began referring to me as the babysitter! When I confronted one of them on this and asked where did she hear this from, she gave me the name of a person in my company who said I went on a business trip with my boss to be the “Babysitter.” I was annoyed that this co-worker went around telling people from other companies about this trip and that I was the babysitter. I confronted this co-worker and let my boss know of the situation. Well, ever since I let my boss know of how I felt of my co-workers actions, I feel as if I am being punished. My boss has begun taking job responsibilities away from me, has acted very cold towards me and hardly speaks to me anymore. It has become very uncomfortable to me at work lately. I have approached my boss about how I feel, and she tells me it has nothing to do with my confronting my co-worker. So I am not sure how to handle things now. Any advice?

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