Weapons In The Workplace

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about weapons on campus:

Should the work place and higher education institutions have zero tolerance against carrying weapons or allow responsible employees or students to arm themselves for self-protection?

Signed, Unarmed and Alarmed

DearĀ Unarmed and Alarmed:

In light of the several incidents that made the term going postal part of our vocabulary and the rash of shootings in high schools that have occurred over the past several years and recently at Virginia Tech, you have good reason to pose this two-part question. Should there be zero tolerance for weapons within the workplace and educational institutions? My answer is absolutely Yes. I would even apply this to security officers at the gates corporation and to campus police; however, probably my opinion is not one that most others would hold for police. Moreover, I think that our country is at fault for allowing guns to be easily purchased and that we as a people ought to have the political will to confiscate all hand guns and have stringent control over when and where guns used for hunting are permitted and kept.

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