What Is Our Course Of Action?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about wife’s affair with her boss:

I have just discovered that my wife of 11 years has been having an affair with her boss for 9 of these. It was apparently mutual; however, I cannot help but think that his power and wealth may have influenced the situation. My wife is not opposed to my researching this, and we would love any advice you have to offer. We have 3 beautiful children who from 1-6 years of age.

Signed, The Husband

Dear The Husband:

I assume from your brief description of the outing of the long-time consensual affair between your wife and her boss that now he or she has decided to call a halt to it. Also I assume you two have decided to do your best to keep your family together since you are able to discuss what was happening and its possible causes and because you end your paragraph with mention of three young children. Keeping your marriage and family together has a good probability of success now that you two are able to talk about what was for so long hidden. You may already be experiencing a renewed appreciation and love of each other. This is possible if you two will not allow blame, guilt and suspicion to fester. Working through this is more important than placing blame on the boss, which seems to be the reason for your query, and I will discuss that in a moment.

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