How Do I Say No To Food My Boss Offers?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about saying NO to a kind offer:

I work in a two person office and my boss is a wonderful, caring person. Unfortunately, she never brings her lunch–she orders out, and always includes soup or a sandwich for me (which she pays for) because she “hates to eat alone.” I don’t want to eat lunch because I feel full through the day. But, she won’t let me sit at the table and not eat, she insists I eat too.

If I leave it half-eaten, she puts it in the refrigerator as a left-over for the next day. I have tried telling her I’m not hungry or I’m watching my weight, or that I brought something from home or am going out to an early dinner, or a million other excuses. Nothing works! I can’t antagonize her–we are just two people who have to work together–and I’m 68 years old, so looking for another job is out of the question. I enjoy her but I don’t want to eat at lunch. She won’t take “no” for an answer, and I’m stumped!

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