How Do You Find And Keep Good Help?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about working for brother-in-law:

My brother-in-law owns a landscaping/handyman company in a small community. He’s having problems finding and retaining help. I’m not sure what the average wage is in Michigan, but I know he pays over minimum wage. Any suggestions? Is this just the nature of this business?

Signed,  In-Law

Dear In-Law:

The complaint that good help is hard to find and keep is not new or unique to Michigan. The problem also is related to the kind of work, economic times, supply of labor, and pay. The president of Mexico recently said that the reason our country hires illegals is that they are willing to do the work that some citizens of this country won’t do. This said, finding and keeping help also can be related to the management of a particular business.

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