Policies About Personal Relationships

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dating policies:

Can your employer require that you not date anyone you work with? My employer has not done so. It is something that someone at work was questioning. Could there be such a policy because they do not approve how employees behave at work? Some teenagers/young adult workers “hook up” with one another and then make co-workers uncomfortable.

Signed, Interested

Dear Interested:

Your employer has no such policy. Can an employee make a no fraternizing-dating policy? Yes. Are there such policies? I know of none, but I’m sure there are just as there are policies of school systems forbidding teachers from sex with students and prison guards from sex with inmates. In the past more than now, nepotism rules meant that spouses couldn’t work in the same workplace or at least not in the same department. Those have pretty much are gone, but still are a practical concern.

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