Boss May Promote Male Out Of Worry Over Complaints

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexually hostile environment.:

I suspect a supervisor in my workplace was approached by administration that his conduct could be construed as creating a “sexually hostile environment.” It was apparent to many employees that he liked to spend time with one of his female subordinates. This subordinate is attractive but not in a deliberately flirtatious manner. This supervisor seemed to have a “school boy crush” which in my opinion was not reciprocated by the subordinate. Eventually the subordinate was transferred to another unit despite the supervisor’s vocal opposition to the transfer. Now this supervisor appears to insulate himself with male co-workers as a way to shield himself from similar allegations. I am upset as I am eligible for a promotion in this supervisor’s unit and I believe I may be passed over (as I am female) for someone whom this supervisor feels is a safe choice. Kindly note I am very qualified for the next promotion in this unit and this same supervisor promoted me to my current position seven years ago.

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