Write-ups Over 3 Months Old

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Write-Ups: Can a new boss write up employee for absences that are three months old?

If a new boss takes over and see’s that a write up was not given for an absence, that occurred 3 months past. Can he still do this?


Write Up Right?


Dear Write Up Right?:

To the best of my knowledge there are no laws governing write ups. They are a form of discipline in many workplaces. Can your new boss write you up for an absence three months ago? If he has, apparently, he can. Possibly he learned of this from your previous boss. Also perhaps he wants to warn you that being absent without a valid excuse should that occur again can be cause for firing.

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Two Write-Ups

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write-ups:

Is it illegal to get two write-ups in one day for the same incident?

Signed, More Than I Want

Dear More Than I Want:

Our site addresses communication issues, not legal; however, I doubt that you will find any law about how many write-ups you can be given in one day. An organization’s system of discipline is its own business and hopefully is designed to correct wrong, ineffective and/or unsafe practices. You can consult your Human Resources Department to learn if getting two write-ups for the same misstep is in keeping with its regulations/practices.Rather than to see your two write-ups for the same thing as being done wrong wouldn’t it be smart to see them as doubly emphasizing that what was or wasn’t done is not acceptable.

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Written Up For Being Ill

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write-ups for time of surgery :

Hi, I hope maybe you can help me with this. I was written up today or well had too sign a verbal written warning letter because of 3 occurrences. By which I had surgery in Dec and was out 4 days which counts as 1 occurrence, even though I let my manager know 1 month in advance. She said she can still give me an occurrence for this. I have read the employee handbook and yep it states an occurrence will be issued for any day you call in. This was a planned event.She seems to think it is not excused under our rules.Others in my department have missed days and should be written up, but she fudge’s the calendar and puts approved on others when they are out, protecting them from an occurrence.

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