Written Up Unfairly

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write rules:

I was written up for low production(I was eighty parts behind the other two shifts, but they have been on the job longer.) Isn’t there a requirement that I get a copy of the write up? I don’t think it was fair to write me up about production when I wasn’t trained in how to do the job. What can I do?

Signed, Untrained and Frustrated

Dear Untrained and Frustrated:

Your situation certainly does sound frustrating and I can see why you would feel angry and hurt about it. However, we are a workplace communications site and we don’t know what the performance improvement requirements are in your workplace. It is a good practice to give an employee a copy of a write-up, but there is no law about that. It also seems unfair to write up someone when they haven’t been trained well. But, again, there is no regulation that requires a company to train to a certain level before they write up an employee. For example, if a task is something that was part of the job description when you were hired, they might think you could easily do it. Or, if all employees had a time of training and some are doing the job well, there may be an expectation that you can do the job to the same level as those employees are doing it.

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