Yelling Match Between My Boss and Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about yelling between boss and bossed:

We had a workplace meeting and the boss told us that we could no longer turn in scrap from the jobs we worked. Instead, we have to take the scrap to the scrap yard and give our company the money. When I asked him why they were doing this he began yelling at me in front of the employees that work under me!

Due to the many other times this has occurred I blew up and screamed back. I also said F*ck you to him and that he has no right to treat me this way.Even though he started the altercation he wrote me up. When I advised his superior that I wanted to file a complaint against him the manager told me due to privacy he couldn’t discuss whether or not he would write my boss up. I’m at a standstill and unsure of how I should handle this.

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