Thanks or Thank you

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about wording of gratitude to customers:

When thanking a customer for coming in or calling your place of business, is the word “thanks” appropriate?

Signed, Thank You

Dear Thank You:

Thanks might strike a customer as caring less than that her/his business really valued. It is like getting a ten-cent tip rather than a 20 percent gratuity. Might it not be more appreciated for one to say, “Your business is much appreciated” or “I really value your business” or “It is always good to see you coming in our door” or “Thank you for choosing us”???

Whether a customer becomes a return-customer hinges on more than price and product. Courtesy, courtesy, courtesy is best spelled out by attention to each customer’s special needs. So both in greeting and in closing a sale, the more specific attention one can give to a customer’s needs, the more likely that customer will want to return. Rather than a hasty thanks, a hearty-heady, thoughtfully expressed interest in that person’s needs is more than appropriate, it is good business; the way you want to be treated.

William Gorden