The Wrong Job?


How to write a complaint regarding USPS supervisor doing the mail handler’s job?


Want To Complain


Dear Want To Complain:

Check with your Policy Book, Human Resources or Union? From here, we can’t know what are the procedures for complaining. The important thing is for you to learn what are the rules and policies and not to allow something you think is wrong or unfair to fester and cause you to be unhappy at work.

Work is hard enough without working with a grudge. Might your question come from the fact that you are not in good communication with your boss? Are there ways for you to talk with her/him about how things are going; what is working well and what need changing? Bosses want those they supervise to get a job done, but they don’t want their subordinates to be unhappy.

Can you put yourself in your boss’s shoes? Can you at least pretend that you own USPS for a day or week and then act that way you would if you owned your local workplace? You have a voice. Use it to learn what are the rules. You are wise to ask question and to investigate before you make a formal complaint. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden