They Meddle With My Staff

Dear They Meddle:  I promised to answer your question soon, but sent you two emails requesting more information (one from myself and a follow up from a specialist Dr. Mark Mindell who has headed up Human Resources for several companies). I assume you are too busy or have answered the problem yourself. If you have not and want a careful look at your situation from us, we will do so provided you send details–most particularly as to who you mean by they and what specific instances you will provide to describe meddle much with my staffs.  Without that information, for now, I propose you can think through how to resolve your frustration by: 

  1. Asking and seeking answers to the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, & WHY questions that prompted your writing us. This kind of investigative approach is what HR is supposed to do for operational matters brought to them or that they learn about. You as an supervisor and acting human resource manager or whatever is your title might launch this quietly yourself or enlist someone above you or whom you trust to answer these five W-questions. Or you might enlist those who have a stake in what you are doing meet to discuss your frustration about what you think is meddling. I recommend before taking one or another of these approaches that you confide in the manager above you about this matter and get his/her go-ahead on what to do.
  2. As background for communicating and processes in answer to the question you posed: what should I do to curb this?, I invite you to read advice my associate workplace doctor Tina Lewis Rowe and I have given to several recent questions. Tina is especially good about suggesting language to use to deal with relevant individuals. I’ll not advise further without more detail from you. 

Please know I have your best interests in mind and feel, as does Dr. Mindell, that it would be irresponsible to advise without you providing answers to some of the questions we ask. I’m sure trying to work in two positions (supervisor and acting Human Resource whatever is the title) is stressful. I hope you find our reply in keeping with good sense. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.  I hope you will find this general response to your query helps you decide what steps to take or to contact us again. –William Gorden