Threatened & Quit


I just read a post that is similar to my experience. I was being treated badly by a worker that is under me. I only worked one day per week and when I was there she was completely disrespectful toward me. After some months of complaining to the boss about what was going on, one night she threatened me for asking her to answer a call light. I am a nurse and she is a nurse’s aide. I begged the supervisor to go home, be switched, move her or call the boss. She denied me everything.

Even though I was distraught and scared and said I could not continue to work, I was forced to stay in the facility. I went home in the morning and wrote a statement and asked that it be processed with HR. I never heard a word back. Months rolled on and other things continued to happen: chatter, intimidation tactics etc. My car was tampered with, my supervisor wrote statements in my favor. The girl’s friend made terrible statements about me getting stabbed with a machete. I finally called HR and they had no idea what was going on. IT STILL CONT. I tried to forget and move on but the individuals kept doing things. This went on from June 2008 until I finally quit in April of 2009.

I was told by my supervisor that my boss was now out to get me. I have had a perfect work record, top of the line evaluations, and never missed work. Before I quit, my supervisor turned on me. She told me that the boss told her that she was to be on their side no matter what–right or wrong. I was forced to quit because they came on really strong to try to set me up. I hired an attorney and am in the process of sending them a letter. What do you think?


I Quit


DearĀ I Quit:

Workplace troubles cannot always be explained or corrected. Yours likely falls in this category. I feel for you. To suffer so emotionally that you gave up and got out probably was the best you could do. From here we can’t know exactly what happened, and since you have hired an attorney, she/he will have to assess if you have a case.

The big and important question is: What can you learn from this unhappy experience? You had better learn if you, they, or you and them together caused this sad conflict. If you don’t, you are likely to encounter similar unhappiness elsewhere. Our site has answered many questions that came from difficult situations, and we’ve done what we could to help those who send their queries think though what they might do. You are welcome to scan our Archives to learn if any of our advice makes sense for your situation. I think this would be more helpful than to spin ways you might have prevented this situation from deteriorating. So for now, if you must work to put bread on the table and keep a roof overhead, the issue is: keeping up your spirits while job-hunting every day. Can you do that? My signature advice might seem not to apply, but it’s for free: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. I hope you can find a workplace that can be the opposite of the one you quit, and/or you can help shape it to be that way.

William Gorden