Told My District Manager Wrote Me Up

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a write up:

Can my district manager enter a write up into my personnel file that I have never seen? I was told I was being written up, but he never showed me a document that I could read or sign. I feel I was being bullied and no document even exists.
Signed Bullied By Write Up

Dear Bullied By Write Up:
Apparently, if you have been told correctly, you can be written up by your district manager. Whether this is within the rules of your organization hinges on what are its rules. Have you been bullied by this because you have not been informed and allowed to read it? Not necessarily. Your information of a write up might be simply that someone heard you were whereas what real took place was that the district manager made a note of something he/she disapproved. Supervisors and managers can do that. Is that good management? It is not good management to allow such a notation to get into a rumor mill.

Will it count as an official mark against you as in a gradual discipline accumulating to a more serious penalty? If so, I expect that you soon will be informed of the reason for it and, most likely your workplace rules will state you are to sign that you have seen it. That doesn’t mean you agree with it. You can submit a denial or explanation stating your disagreement with it.

Who told you that the manager wrote you up? One of your coworkers of an immediate supervisor? Is it not time to do a little investigation? Surly if your organization is large enough to have a district manager, it must have a Human Resources department that can investigate for you. But my advice is to contact your district manager directly? Don’t gossip about what you heard. Get the facts.
Rather than defensively say you have been bullied, wouldn’t it be wiser to contact the manager and ask if you were written up and if so for what reason? Might this not be a time to think about how things have been going in completion of your assignments, if you arrive to work ahead of time, if you have made errors, and put in an honest day’s work. Also are you seen as a responsible member of your work group?

The big issue for you at this time is: are you adding value to your workplace. Are you helping cut wasted supplies, wasted time, wasted energy, and are you delivering high performance without defects in product and/or service? This is to suggest you no doubt wonder if this is a job you can count on staying with? Is it just a job to make as much money as you can until another one comes along or does it have a possibility of being a career path?

You have a voice. If you voice your worry about this news of a write up in a respectful way, this will help where your work now to be better managed. Guard against gossip and assumptions. Ask yourself if you are a cheerleader and are the kind of coworker you want to have.

Tell me if any of these thoughts make sense and what my signature sentence that you will have seen in answers to other Q&A on our site means to you: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.
William Gorden