Training Someone To Do My Job


Do I need to train someone to do my job?


Do I?


Dear Do I?:

Why do you ask? Have you been ordered to train someone and fear that would mean you could be fired? Or do you think that would take time from doing your assignments that you don’t have? For whatever reason you ask, training someone to do your job is good business: It enables your workplace to have more people qualified and available to replace you should you be ill. Also training teaches you to think more clearly about what are the requirements of your job.

Moreover training someone should make you more valuable to your work organization. Yet another benefit of training someone is that you have the opportunity to build a friendly relationship with a coworker. So do these thoughts make sense? Finally I suggest that you should feel honored to be asked to train someone to do your job. Apparently you have performed well enough to be trusted. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and sharing what we know is an important element of a successful operation.

William Gorden