Trying To Take My Job!


In January this year I hired an overqualified person for an assistant position. The person accepting the position was made fully aware of the job responsibilities and title. Since then, I have already had to meet with her in July because she approached my manager (while I was on vacation) to ask if she can be promoted to my position reporting directly to him. The assistant position she accepted is in my sales territory and I do not want to relinquish those responsibilities. I have already discussed this with her in July, documenting the conversation to my Manager who supported my meeting. Now she is once again (in Sept) befriending people in management positions above me and even my boss in order to be promoted.In additiion she is specifically omitting me from any of her “success stories” she is sending out on email to management. She is actually trying to go over my boss’s head too because he backed me up in our first discussion.

She is causing me major stress and I am not focussing on my job responsibilities as a result. I am worried my manager is worried that she is befriending people above him and does not want to get involved. Please help.




Dear Betrayed:

This is a situation that is somewhat rare in the workplace, because many employees are not usually so ambitious! Still, I feel the legitimate frustration you feel. On some level, it’s good for a company to have people who want to rise higher. Obviously, this person is not doing it in the right way! Keep documenting the problems as you have been. That’s an appropriate approach for you to take!

As you correctly outlined, she was hired as an assistant position, not one where she was supervising you! It is clearly inappropriate for her to go around you as she is doing!

Has upper management offered any suggestions or plans? It seems like this is really more in their realm. At a minimum, she needs to understand that she accepted the position as outlined, and should wait until another position opens up, or perhaps she should consider leaving if she is unable to fit in where she is now.

Another possibility is for you, her, and an upper manager or HR person to meet, And have an open and honest discourse on the negative affects she is having on you and the operations there. She probably needs to be told to stop her clandestine activities once and for all!

The bottom line is that she is acting inappropriately, even unprofessionally. Does your firm have any grievance or complaint process? I would do that if there is. Otherwise, keep documenting her activities as you’ve been doing, and keep raising the issue to upper management! Don’t give up! It is she that is out of line, not you! Good luck! WEGO is communicating our concerns and asserting our needs.

Steve Carney,Author, The Teamwork Chronicles