Tuition reimbursement


My company approved my tuition reimbusement for an MBA course. A week later I turned in my notice to leave, giving my company a month to train someone else. Although my check for reiumbursement had been cut–the personnel director decided to not disburse it, since I will be leaving. I was told if I had waited a few days and received the check before giving notice, I would have received the reimbusement. I don’t think this is fair. What should I do?


Not Fair


Dear Not Fair:

What do you think is fair? The company pays for the tuition with the “express intent” that this course will improve your abilities in helping the company achieve it’s goals. I think you are wrong to expect reimbursement. You knew when you applied for the tuition reimbursement that you were leaving. Therefore how ethical are you. I agree with the company, you’re stuck for the tuition. How fair is it that you tried to defraud the company? They would have billed you anyway if you had cashed the check. Self interest is best balanced by thinking of what are one’s respnsibilities–earning what we get. Thinking of other’s interesthelps us put our own in perspective. That is WEGO mindedness

Dan Kearney