Unfair Dismissal


I was told that my performance was below standard but this was done verbally and on the job training was provided. Do you think I should be dismissed without a first getting a written warning?


Warmed and Worried


Dear Warmed and Worried:

I can’t tell if you are worried about being fired or if you are asking if you can be fired without a written warning. I’ll assume you are still employed and that if you have been fired, what I say might also be of value to you in your next place of work. Might you be fired? This all depends on the seriousness of your below standard performance and on how well you perform after job training. Being fired hinges on many factors: how long you have been employed, the truth of your job application, the job description, whether you are working under a union contract, the size of your place of work, and your company’s policy. A company can fire for good reason or no reason unless it discriminates or is governed by a legal contract for your employment.

Most likely, you will not be fired unless the time since you have been hired is a trial period. Whether that dismissal depends on a written warning probably depends on the company policy. The important thing is for you to learn for this. Soak up all you can from on-the-job training. Don’t make a pest of yourself, but do ask questions and as Yogi Berra said long ago, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

Don’t work scared. Simply learn. Don’t think of this job or any job as just a job. See it as not only earning a paycheck. See it as one step on a career path. At the very least, you might learn what you don’t want to do the rest of your life and it will point you to acquiring the kind of training that can lead to a job at which you are good and enjoy.

Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Think independently and interdependently. Whatever your job, wherever you work you are part of a system. See the big interdependent picture and how you might make that picture a little bit brighter for others and you. Do scan our Archives. They contain many Q&As addressing questions such as yours.

William Gorden