Unfair Duty?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about assigned more same pay:

Hello folks. I think I know what to do, but I do appreciate “calm words” of advice. I get hyped up when I feel wronged and need to slow down. Ok, I have been in my organization a long time. I am responsible for covering one person’s lunch and two breaks. I knew that going in. We have now hired a new person who is my equal in job and pay. I have to cover her lunch and afternoon break.Because of various factors, we can’t juggle some things, but I feel slighted that now I cover two lunches while the new person just covers one. How to bring up and address? Thoughts. Thanks as always.

Signed, Unfair?

DearĀ Unfair?:

Fairness is a natural concern when it comes to pay and work load. To bite your tongue hurts when you feel that some adjustments should be made on these scores. So put yourself in your boss’s shoes and ask what you would do if you were she or he. Once you have figured that out, arrange to converse privately with your boss about what seems unfair. Begin with a few words, hopefully positive, about what has been happening, and then say the reason you asked to speak with him/her is because you wonder how covering lunch and breaks assignments were made.

Don’t pussyfoot but calmly, firmly and briefly explain you feel that these assignments should be balanced among your office staff. Also don’t get into complaints about the new person not having to do as much as you. Ask yourself if this matter is such a big deal? Are you really mistreated by being assigned to cover two lunches & breaks and the new hire only one? Are you working off the clock? If so, that is not fair, but weigh the total situation before you make this a federal case. More importantly take time to reflect on your worth to the employer and possibly think of other ideas about how to do the work of your office more effectively–cutting costs of supplies, time, and energy. Are you a delight to have around? Are you a cheerleader? Are you one who does more than expected?

You don’t want to be a doormat, but you can be someone who adds value to your department by going above and beyond expectations. Also think about your career. Is your job just for pay or is it a career path for you to develop skills and increasingly find ways to satisfy your hunger to do more than earn a paycheck? Think positive thoughts and don’t allow this situation to sour your attitude. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden