Unfair Written Warning

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about written warning:

My boss gave me a written warning about incorrect stock ordering. All staff order, not just me. We have been doing this for one year. Why not bring it to my attention earlier to resolve this before warning me?

Signed, Why Not?

Dear Why Not?:

You have asked: Why Not? And you are upset at your boss. So what will you do? Complain to other staff? Tell your friends about your stupid boss’ failure to do what you think she/he should have? Allow this resentment to fester and until your boss does something else you feel is unfair?

Orrrrrrr might you use this warning as an opportunity to learn what was incorrect? Or might you do a little checking of the records to learn who make the incorrect order? Or, even more importantly, might you thank your boss for catching the incorrect order and apologize if you realize you made or might have made the mistake? Or might your talk with your boss to tell her/him that you think that it would have been better to have a conversation about what was incorrect before being written up? And request to that in the future you would appreciate a discussion of what you are doing wrong before being written up.

The very fact that there were incorrect orders indicates that what should and shouldn’t be ordered lacked clear guidelines. There was a communication gap that caused the incorrect orders. You and your coworkers wouldn’t intentionally do that. Is it not better to voice your frustration than to allow it to widen the communication gap between you and your boss? So now is the time to get clear on that, and, since you have coworkers who also do ordering, it is time to huddle to get orders straight. Possibly this warning will prompt you and your coworkers to communicate better and also to help your boss communicate more frequently. Does this make sense?Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that is really what you want; for you to be proud of what you do and for your boss to feel the same way.

William Gorden