Useless Management


About a month ago, I was dismissed from my workplace for something that I did not do.

A few weeks before, a support manager yelled at me when I asked her for help (this was seen by at least 5 customers who insisted on making a complaint later on), so I told my boss about this and she called me stupid. I then asked her for a contact number for HR (they don’t post such information on bulletin boards which the company states they must provide openly) which she then refused to give me. After that happened, the boss removed me from the roster and did not give me any further shifts.

I came into the store as a customer to purchase something some weeks later, and before I had barely even stepped foot into the store, the boss ordered me to leave. I asked her what the problem was and she walked off. After many other stressing times at work, this was the last straw and frustrated me the most. I googled the customer service number for the company, and went through the long process of contacting HR that way. HR organised a meeting within the week, and I discussed all of the problems that I was having. However HR had spoken to my boss that morning and she had told (lied to) HR that I had walked into the store and verbally made a scene, abusing her of being a horrible person; this was backed up by the support manager who wasn’t even anywhere nearby when the boss kicked me out.

After a 2 hour meeting with HR discussing the many, more problematic issues I have had with the management team, my bosses lies were the deciding event, and HR fired me based on my apparent abuse of the boss without any question. Since then, other workers have told me of incidents in the store of horrible customer service by the management team. One of the fed up customers (I presume it was a customer) created a Facebook group upset over the poor service they received. The company found this group and automatically accused me of creating it – clearly I did not do anything so stupid. They sent me a legal document warning me to remove the content or I will be sued for defamation. Obviously I did not create the group, so I could not remove the content. However, that night the group had disappeared from Facebook as whoever did make it removed it.

What can you suggest should be done, short of any legal action? I have never done anything wrong by the company or the management team and I have put up with far too much. I was employed there before this management came along and have felt disliked by them the entire time. They got me fired from the store – which I feel is what they wanted and I was willing to let that go. But, now they are continuing to try and humiliate me beyond the workplace. What should I do?


Out And Not Happy About It


DearĀ Out And Not Happy About It:

It was a month ago that you were fired and even long since you instigated an investigation of your former workplace. What have you been doing since then? Apparently, this whole sad experience has played and replayed in your mind and you’d like to show those who manage that establishment that they should not have humiliated you. You probably won’t be happy with my advice because it is short and not sweet. In short, stay away from that store and get a new lease on life and work. You created you own exit interview by obtaining an investigation and hearing. That is impressive. You have talent and persistence. You know when things aren’t fair and that you have a voice. You’ve probably learned a lot about Human Resources and might think about what you would need to qualify for that kind of occupation.

So you have learned a lot, haven’t you? Sometimes we learn the most from unhappy negative experiences. Now the best revenge is to do well in the next steps in a career path of your own making. Determine to make your self marketable. Get more training if you need to. Do internships. Think through what will both put bread on the table and make you feel good about what you do. Balance focus on your self, such as working out, with focus on others, such as volunteering with those less fortunate. Investigate to find employee friendly places you might apply for work and hone the skills needed to have a successful interview.

Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Am I wrong in thinking that you want to work in a place like that?

William Gorden