Want a Job That Lasts


I have had many jobs–some good, some bad–and I have never lasted longer than a year. I’ve grown up and just want to get a job, any job, but due to my history no one will take me on. What can I do???


Not Lasted


Dear Not Lasted:

From a distance, it is difficult to analyze why you have not lasted. Do you know why? Have you asked? Is it because you quit, didn’t like bad ones, and/or were not responsible for the good ones? No doubt you have looked in the mirror or tried to analyze if the problem has been that you lack the skills, have poor hygiene, etc.? Have you consulted friends or agencies that might help you? The fact is your somehow need to create a new work history. How? There are several ways: ·Gain a special skill. That might mean more schooling or training. ·Volunteer where people will get to know you By volunteering in a community organization, in a hospital, caring for the disabled, tutoring reading at a library, cleaning a church, working at a food bank, Red Cross, or possibly join the Peace Corp or military. ·Join an association of the kind of profession in which you want to work. ·Doing informational interviews to learn about potential employers. ·Building a network of friends, family that might tell you about job openings. ·Start you own small business. ·Use the Internet social network and blogs. ·Work with temporary employment agencies. ·Look up jobs in the Veteran’s Administration. ·Join a non-profit organization committed to a cause. You say you are grown up. That means you both need work and are motivated to do what is necessary to qualify. Unfortunately, you just want a job and have not prepared for a career. Most occupations require a path of training and certification. Apparently you didn’t choose one such as nursing, plumbing, construction, engineering, and food preparation. Even though you are now grown, it isn’t too late to think career rather than just getting a job. I hope you will find work that needs your talents and is one that you could love, or at least like. What would you like to do with your hands, with your head, and with your heart? Answer that and then plan how you might qualify or do temporary work at just a job and find your sense of self-worth in life beyond the workplace. These thoughts most likely are not different from those that you have thought about too. Please do tell us if any of those apply to you and then what you elect to do. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. I want for you to have that enriching experience that comes from become a lasting member of a workplace.

William Gorden