Warehouse Safety Undefined Problems

Currently working in a warehouse, with 20 workforce working for 2 years. This question is related to safety of the people, management and communication. All I need is an idea or sample of the threats and opportunity of being the supervisor of the warehouse for 2 years in relation to safety, communication and management. Despite being there with the team, still some problems were encountered. Thank you in advance.
Signed–Threats and Opportunities 

Dear Threats and Opportunities: Apparently, you are a supervisor of a few words. You allude in a general way to problems pertaining to safety, management and communication, but have not taken time to describe specific instances in which safety has put at risk anyone or harmed products. Because your response is general to my request to say what prompts your question, our response might not be as helpful as it could be. 

I’ll not refer you to the many sites about managing a warehouse inventory. No doubt you know that warehouse work is complex and demands careful planning and execution. Rather, this is a general response to your general question. Our experience informs us that many workplace problems are due to personnel action or lack of action and/or communication breakdowns. What you might refer to as opportunities arise from seeing specific harmful situations as times for clarification for improved organization of work and engaging a buy-in to OSHA regulation and their compliance in your warehouse order of operations. In short, that means management needs to investigate if rules are clear and complied with and it is a time for those responsible talk about talk–the kind of talk a coach leads before and after a game–the kind of talk that engages those on the floor and is not based on those in booing or cheering in the stands–the kind of talk that describes language that is wanted and not wanted. 

If and when the individual who has consulted and trained companies in safety responds to your brief questions, I will forward that. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that includes warehouse work. -William Gorden