What should be written in response to a verbal warning, acknowledging I received it?  Signed –Warned  

Dear Warned,

If the warning was written, sign your name that you received it. And if you think the warning was correct, apologize and promise to do your best to not allow it to happen again. If you feel it was not your fault, explain briefly why. Describe what happened prior to the incident for which you were blamed. Perhaps ask for specific instructions, more training or advice on how to avoid being blamed.   Whatever the warning, it’s wise to commit yourself to doing good work and to working cooperatively with your workgroup.

Carefully read several of the many Q&As posted on Ask the Workplace Doctors. They provide information on the kind of problems that occur and suggestions on how to cope and prevent them. They forewarn and forearm you.  Don’t allow this warning to sour you. Talk with your superior about what is going well and what you might do to grow as a contributing member of your workplace. In short, do all that is reasonable and be a happy employee. Working together takes and makes big WEGOS. –William Gorden