Was I Wrongfully Discharged?


I suffered an on the job injury that required a cast for 3 months, followed by a brace an additional 3 months. A year later the injury became aggravated and put me back into rehabilitation and the brace.

Since that event occurred my boss has written me up for events that are not in violation of the attendance policy. Yet, I was written up for past events and invariably discharged for excessive absences which were not in violation of the policy for which they propose I violated.


Wrongly Fired?


Dear Wrongly Fired?:

I’m sure this has been a stressful year for you with your injury, write up for absences, and discharge. Can anything be done? Our site addresses communication-related questions, not legal. And yours appears to in need of legal advice. Log these events and seek advice of your Human Resources and of a labor attorney. Request an investigation of your employer and state your situation as you see it. From here, of course, it is impossible to know exactly what occurred either from your or your employer’s perspective. But I wish you the best possible from what obviously is a difficult situation.

Do what you can to avoid becoming sour. Try to understand your employer’s reasoning, even though it seems absolutely wrong to you. Please keep us posted on what transpires. Work is hard enough without injury and write- ups. You’ll probably need to apply elsewhere for work. Avoid badmouthing your former employer. That could make a new employer wary of you. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that is especially true when things look black.

William Gorden