Wife’s Boss Is Business Idiot!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about high strung boss :

My wife works for a dentist as a dental assistant. The dentist is extremely bright, does excellent dental work, keeps up on continuing education, but is a complete idiot when it comes to business management and communication. He generally denies that he has any problems at all and when he does recognize that he might have faults he will become emotional to the point of crying. My wife likes the guy, but even though he has many great talents she often refers to him as an Irish Setter, meaning high strung.

He is often late for the first appointment of the day. He says he wants to have staff meetings but never does and never has the time to go over things with the various members of the staff. Can you refer me to a good book or some practical resources that I can pass on to my wife and the other members of the staff on how to confront this excellent dentist with an equal ego to match his IQ? The office staff just wants things to run smoother and for the dentist to follow through with at least a few of his wonderful suggestions that never seem to materialize.

Signed, Wife’s Boss Is Business Idiot

Dear Wife’s Boss Is Business Idiot:

I can empathize with your wife and congratulate her for her perceptions and efforts to make things better for the office of her dentist. Although I am an MD, I find the same counterparts in medicine: technological successes but business failures. The things you mention were not taught in medical or dental school. I have written a book about these things you mentioned and many more.

You might visit my website: www.powerfulpartnering13c.com You will find out ways how your wife and the dentist may become better in their office relations. Also, I would suggest you contact the ADA and ask for some management books that you could read to facilitate a more business-relationship savvy office. You are right, these processes in the office can be learned. You may be the one to adroitly show him how it would be to his advantage, in the office, financially and perhaps even at home. I suspect the same kinds of problems exist at his home, though” I could be wrong on the last point.The Medical profession is slow to awaken to what is needed to achieve excellence in the office management aspects of medicine. The dental professional may be ahead of us, but there are those like your dentist who is in denial and thinks things can go on without attention to detail. Good luck! Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOs.

Guest Respondent, Ed Hollenberg MD