Will A Verbal Warning Remain In My Files?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about time a warning remains in one’s file:

I work in a retail job and was given a verbal warning which is to last 2 months, and was also given a probation period of 8 weeks. If I wished to leave the job, would the verbal warning stay on my file forever or a certain period of time? The reason I would like to leave the job is due to the fact that my manager has double standards, and even though I work very hard and all staff agree with this, if any little mistakes are made there is no trust in her of employees. She jumps to conclusions and takes what other members say and puts them in another context. This leads to conflict between staff, but mainly hurts the accused even when they have done nothing wrong.

Signed, Will It Stay There?

Dear Will It Stay There?:

Yes, it will remain in your file. You are better off leaving this company and pursuing a position more consistent with your skills and talents. Good luck to you. Dan Kearney, Guest Respondent & HR Manager

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William Gorden