Working With Person I Complained About


I filed a grievance on a work colleague as she is bullying me. Do I still have to work with her?What are my rights?


Wondering About Work


Dear Wondering About Work:

Unless you can show you are reasonably in fear of your personal safety you will probably have to continue working with the person you complained about. She may change her behavior as a result of the complaint. Or, she may be found not guilty of wrongdoing. But generally complaining employees don’t get moved unless there is another work area that is easy to move them to and it wouldn’t move out someone else. You may want to talk to your HR section about this to find out the policies. I can imagine how awkward it is, so I understand your concerns. But, perhaps this complaint will stop the wrong behavior.

You don’t want to be obsessively worried about what your coworker might do. However, you certainly want to document anything that happens and immediately go to your boss to seek assistance. Please talk to the person with whom you made the grievance to let them know your concerns. It may be that some accomodation can be made.

Best wishes to you in this situation.

Tina Lewis Rowe