Workplace Hostility


Recently, I was told that two co-workers are leaving the hospital where I work because of me. Supposedly, they are afraid of me (???) I cannot make any sense of this, but it has now turned into a workplace hostility investigation. I am under a gag order from my manager. My question for you is whether or not I can do anything to stop this defaming of me. Also, do you believe that I need legal counsel?




DearĀ #NAME?:

Apparently, your hospital has begun an investigation. That should turn up evidence that supports or fails to support the accusation of some form of intimidation. What can you do to cope with this? Don’t make it a matter of gossip, but you should be able to speak with your manager to learn what backing these two coworkers have given as their reason for leaving because the are afraid of you.

We don’t provide legal counsel, but it seems that it now is too early to seek that. Rather it is time for you to reflect on how you interact with coworkers: do you boss, do you tell rather than request, are your hyper critical, what is the tone of your voice when speaking with others, are you a cheerleader or demanding, do you invade coworkers’ space, is there lack of understanding of who does what, etc. From the little you say, I expect that your superior hasn’t engaged your work group in hammering out do and don’t rules about how to communicate and function effectively as a team. This unhappy accusation might make such a meeting a wise step in that direction. Team spirit doesn’t just happen it is earned by making give and take the rule and, like sports teams, it makes regular skull sessions frequent. Talking about how we communication should be an ongoing process. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and there is hope for a positive outcome of this accusation if that can be your attitude and if your coworkers might understand what WEGO might symbolize.

William Gorden