Written Warning

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about written warnings:

How long does a written warning last?

Signed, Written Up

Dear Written Up:

This question is best asked of your employer. Check the policy book, inquire of Human Resources or Personnel, or more importantly ask the one who wrote you up. Why? Because it is a matter of its disciplinary policy and practice. And that depends on what it has learned about employee relations and the good of its best interests, such as safety, production, reputation and culture. Most importantly, a write up is a formal way to say, “Shape up or else” and it is an opportunity to do or not do what is expected and to improve communication between you and your boss. If you type in your question on the Internet you will find a range of answers from 6 months to forever.

Most responses will tell you “it depends on your company’s disciplinary policy.” So the question and answer is in your ballpark. You can decide whether to play ball within the rules of you game or fight the rules and rule makers. Since ball parks and teams are recruiting those with bad records, smart “bad guys” wise up and play ball where they are employed. They do all that they can to make their team win. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Get my point? Let me know if this advice makes sense for your situation.

William Gorden