How do I tell a co-worker in a polite and politically correct way that he SUCKS?!?!?!? Bottom line – he’s a bad communicator and everyone else takes blame.


Hate To Be Polite –Afraid To Not Be


Dear Hate To Be Polite –Afraid To Not Be:

You don’t. Why? Because hateful talk is dysfunctional. You suck language vents your anger at your coworker rather than deals with what has caused you to dislike him. Moreover, name-calling is not what you are hired for. If you had read even a few of Q&As in the Archive section titled Troublesome Coworkers, you would know that there are several ways to deal with someone whom you thinks sucks: · confront the behavior at the moment · take timeout for straight talk · schedule a three-way confrontation– supervisor, troublesome coworker and you · approach the problem indirectly by getting your boss to coach your work group as a team. Do take time to examine our answers to questions such as yours you can find in our Archive

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Employee Making Distracting Sounds These are nine of dozens posted. Or read Workplace Doctor Tina Lewis Rowe’s advice on How Long Are You Going Feed The Baby Birds and Spite and Malice; Only Fun As A Card Game In short, focus on getting the job done and coworker behavior that prevents it. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Is that not what you want?

William Gorden