Zapped And Losing My Hair!


I was zapped with electric coming from my machine at work. I never had this happen before, and I’m really concerned. They couldn’t get the machine grounded, and I was being shocked every day. My hair was down to my waist, and it just started falling out. Now it’s to my shoulders. I don’t know what to do. Please can you help me? Thank you.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


DearĀ Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow:

Hair loss remains a mystery in medicine. Most of the time “Alopecia”, as excessive hair loss is called, cannot be explained. However, you really should go to your doctor to seek some other possibilities for its cause other than electric shocking. I do hope your machine gets fixed, but I don’t think that is the likely cause. You should check your nutrition and your general health status that can be determined with the help of your family doctor.

Ed Hollenberg, M.D. Seek advice and share what you know is WEGO mindedness

Ed Hollenberg, M.D.